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Feel better in 3 minutes


The Mindfulness app that will change your life

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inspired from ancient tradition

backed by modern science

Do anytime anywhere

  • Less Stress & Anxiety

  • Focus boost

  • Energize

  • Wake up

  • Sleep better


The most comprehensive breathing exercises app

Diaphragm breathing    Focus    
Improve lung capacity

   Relax     Anxiety relief 
Covid-19 Recovery breathing   
   Paced breathing   Meditation
Blood pressure     Stress relief
    Caffeine reduction    

I really enjoy this app. Im new to meditation and breathing techniques. It guides you during each exercise, and the more advanced ones include more precise instructions at the beginning. The heart rate monitor is also quite good, as far as i can tell its accurate.



Energize & Focus

Our quick energy boosting breathing techniques will give you an instant boost equivalent to a coffee shot and freshen you up.

De-stress & Relax

 Relaxing techniques trigger the parasympathetic nervous system helping the mind-body relax.

Lung capacity, COPD recovery

Our classical Pranayama program is a step wise program which delivers myriads of benefits like increased lung capacity, cardiac capacity, boosted immunity and over-all well being

Measure HRVApp that connects to your body

Heart pulse    Rhythm    
Measure stress

   Biofeedback     Actionable advice 
Pulse rate   Fatigue prevention
Fitness   Nervous system
Monitor body     Health level

Track health like Athletes with HRV analysis, our built-in camera Heart pulse module and advanced analytical algorithms give you a real-time snapshot of your Health levels.

  • Track health daily- Check body's energy or stress, anytime-anywhere

  • Breathe right- See how heart pulse changes with breathing patterns

Actionable guidance 

To PUSH or RELAX today?

Is WORKLOAD causing stress?

IS COFFEE good for me?

Are Late nights taking a toll?

 Make healthy lifestyle choices based on data.

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