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Mindbreath: A Comprehensive App for breathing exercises with inbuilt HRV monitor


Breathing exercises from ancient traditions backed by modern research.

​Designed to make you harness the full power of your breath and cultivate a conscious approach towards breathing.

Over 50 Breathing techniques & 100+ variations ranging from 2-minute meditations that work instantly to advanced energy techniques & programs from the Indian & Oriental cultures.

Get the basics right

Get started with simple deep breathing, accompanied visualizations will help you get used to it and how to avoid common mistakes. Basics also include how to correctly do the OM (Aum) chant & alternate nose breathing.

Breath hacks | Quick results

Breathing exercises for everyday situations like helping to relax, sleep, focus, soothe, replace coffee, detox etc. These exercises are designed in such a way that people of varying fitness levels can practice them. Their inherent nature is such that they deliver results quite quickly.


Pranayama course

The de-facto work from the Indian tradition which covers every intricate detail concerning breathwork, we have included a stepwise pranayam program to increase your breathing capabilities including lung capacity and overall IMMUNITY.

Oriental breathing program

Similar in purpose to the pranayama program but it takes a different, quick-fire approach to it.


Tibetan techniques

Tibet has a rich ancient tradition of exploring every intricate detail of life & some of their works are now publicly available.

We have included two beautiful techniques from their tradition, one is the increasingly popular TIBETAN FIRE BREATH and the other is the TIBETAN BODY DETOX/PURIFYING technique.

Kundalini series

A vast and intricate system of awakening our internal energies has been developed over thousands of years, these include a combination of postures, movements and breathwork. We have included a few exercises which are simple, work instantly and deliver results.

Different difficulty/intensity levels

With certain exercises, we’ve also included various stages of intensity depending on a person’s degree of fitness/capacity which can be switched on the fly.

Once a person begins breathing harmoniously, after a few breath cycles he/she may feel the urge to breathe deeper, thus this on the fly SWITCH to a PRESET DEEPER LEVEL proves useful without losing the audio/video guidance.

Both, our research and users suggest that without the audio/video guidance of the app, there was a high probability of the user losing focus on his breathwork within a few seconds as the mind tends to drift away.


Inbuilt Heart rate variability (HRV) | Health & Immunity tracker

Inbuilt highly accurate ability to measure your heart rate & HRV. HRV is an indicator of the general health of a person and is a good indicator of various aspects like stress levels, ability to perform, nervous system functioning etc.

Search & find the technique you need

We have lots of techniques and those techniques combine multiple benefits.

You can select a benefit/benefits and our search feature will give you the technique/techniques matching your requirement.

Benefits Overview

Energize | Relax | Sleep | Stress relief | Soothe | Wake up | DETOX | Digestion | Quick energy | Instant freshness | IMMUNITY BOOST | Aura boost | Focus | Alertness | Meditate | Self-centering | Dullness removal | Boost oxygen supply | Boost carbon dioxide removal | Build confidence | Cleanse energetic blockages | Nervous before a meet? | Summer heat relief | Winter cold relief | Deep healing | Loose facial stress | Increase body's fire | Cool down body | Purify nasal tract | Blood flow | Brain boost | Kundalini | Ida-Pingala balance | Youth preservation | Boost heart rate variability (HRV) | Stimulate thymus gland

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