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A comprehensive breathing exercise Mobile app


Techniques that help with- 

Body detox, lower blood pressure, digestion, stimulate thymus gland etc


"This is a homegrown app.

Mindbreath was born out of a desire, a desire to benefit as many people as I can, to the best of my abilities.

It is designed to make you harness the full power of your breath and cultivate a conscious approach towards breathing.

I hope you benefit from the app and am very excited to hear back from you."


De-stress & Relax

Lung capacity, COPD recovery


This app is so easy to use! It explains the benefits/techniques in detail; and it actually works! After completing a session, my BP was "PERFECT!" Moving forward, I'll utilize this app on a daily basis. Great job!



Diaphragm breathing    Focus    
Improve lung capacity

   Relax     Energize  

 Covid-19 Recover    Concentration 

   Paced breathing   Me ditation 

Blood pressure     Stress relief


Energize & Focus

Our quick energy boosting breathing techniques will give you an instant boost equivalent to a coffee shot and freshen you up.

 Relaxing techniques trigger the parasympathetic nervous system helping the mind-body relax.

Our classical Pranayama program is a step wise program which delivers myriads of benefits like increased lung capacity, cardiac capacity, boosted immunity and over-all well being

Live Biofeedback H.R.V- Heart rate variability analysis

Heart pulse    Rhythm    
Measure stress

   Biofeedback     Improve  

Pulse ratery    Inbuilt monitor 

   Fitness   Nervous system

Monitor body     Health level

You do not need a Smart watch/Apple watch to measure your heart rate, HRV (Heart rate variability), stress levels and other health parameters. 

Your smart phone is sufficient to measure your heart rate & HRV,. & we have developed an advanced algorithm to measure accurate Heart pulse and heart rate variability.