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Relax, beat stress, and regulate BP,
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One App

Mindbreath simplifies breathwork for modern lifestyles, with 100+ techniques for almost every life situation that work directly on the nervous system.


Be it in an office or in a train, feel better in just 3-5 minutes.

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I really enjoy this app. Im new to meditation and breathing techniques. It guides you during each exercise, and the more advanced ones include more precise instructions at the beginning. The heart rate monitor is also quite good, as far as i can tell its accurate.


This app is so easy to use! It explains the benefits/techniques in detail; and it actually works! After completing a session, my BP was "PERFECT!" Moving forward, I'll utilize this app on a daily basis. Great job!

Translated from Spanish

Short, concise, comprehensive, easy to follow, and super enjoyable. The premium part serves whoever is recovering from Covid-19 post. It is incredible but very precise, it even measures values of Cardiovascular Health (It will even serve to calm your nerves, like it helped me on my wedding day which is today)


Don't take our word - See the effect yourself!

Relax, boost focus, beat stress and anxiety, and regulate BP with just 3-5 minutes of breathwork.

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