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Welcome to the MindBreath Affiliate Program!

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Join our affiliate program today and start earning while making a positive impact on people's lives!

Our program is designed for individuals who are passionate about promoting health and wellness to others. As an affiliate, you will earn 25% of the revenue from any purchase made through your unique referral link*.

Here's how it works:

Sign up for the MindBreath App Affiliate Program by filling out our application form.

Unique link:- Once approved, you will receive a unique referral link that you can share with your audience through your website, social media, or email list.

Share:- Whenever someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase on our app, you will earn 25% of the revenue generated from that purchase.

Track:- You can track your earnings and referral activity through our affiliate dashboard.

Why promote MindBreath App?

MindBreath App has one of the highest revenue-to-downloads ratios in the industry, which means that promoting our app has the potential to bring in even more revenue for our affiliates.

Say you can reach 100,000 people in the USA, if 4,000 people convert to the yearly- $49.9 offer, it'll generate a revenue of $50,000 for you.

Join the program and be a part of our success story!

Limitations:- currently applicable only for purchases made from iOS.  Fret not, iOS is where 90% of earnings come from.

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