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Measure accurate HRV heart rate variability
via mobile camera for Android & iOS

HRV heart rate monitor app - MindBreath.jpg

Trusted by 200,000+ users including Doctors

Instant Heart rate check

In 30 seconds

HRV reading

Time domain- SDNN, SDSD, rMSDNN, pNN20, pNN50

Frequency domain- HF, LF

Live Breathing biofeedback

See how breathing affects your heart in real-time, 50+ breathing exercises.

MindBreath app use case

  • Track health daily- see how energized or stressed the body is anytime-anywhere

  • Breath Biofeedback- Monitor how heart pulse changes directly with resonant frequency breathing patterns

  • Receive actionable guidance

How our users use HRV

Our users who regularly track HRV use it for-

  • Fatigue prevention including chronic fatigue patients

  • Illness prevention- Low HRV signals can be used to predict early signs of any illness

  • Improve breathing habits

  • Track health during various life scenarios like before interviews

  • Workout monitoring- observe changes on nervous system with respect to different workouts

  • Diet monitoring

  • Daily readiness- see if today is a good day to take on workloads

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