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Democratizing health- enabling phone to listen to your body

Measure heart rate & heart rate variability with a mobile app

With advancements in technology, more and more avenues are being explored and established no matter the field.

In the case of health care and wellness, not all of humanity has been able to access quality healthcare or early diagnosis and technology can fill in that gap.


There is tremendous potential in enabling a smartphone to be used as a health tracking device by using the camera lens as a medium for recording heart pulses and analyzing the pulse wave- HRV.

MindBreath app use case

  • Track health daily- see how energized or stressed the body is anytime-anywhere

  • Breath Biofeedback- Monitor how heart pulse changes directly with resonant frequency breathing patterns

  • Receive actionable guidance

How our users use HRV

Our users who regularly track HRV use it for-

  • Fatigue prevention including chronic fatigue patients

  • Illness prevention- Low HRV signals can be used to predict early signs of any illness

  • Improve breathing habits

  • Track health during various life scenarios like before interviews

  • Workout monitoring- observe changes on nervous system with respect to different workouts

  • Diet monitoring

  • Daily readiness- see if today is a good day to take on workloads

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