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Professionals use
the MindBreath app

I am absolutely thrilled to have discovered the MindBreath app in late 2022.

I have really appreciated the interface, how easy it is to use, and how accessible it is for my therapy clients.

I work as a psychologist for the government and see many clients with comorbid health conditions as well as depression, anxiety and trauma. It has been nothing short of a miracle to come across an app that allows us quick and easy access to measure, track and train heart rate variability.

I recently have had a renewed interest in HRV after. A long surgery and recovery and this brought my earlier study of biofeedback up to the forefront for me. Following my surgery and recovery, I discovered the MindBreath app and was immediately impressed.

I have used this with nearly all of my clients, especially the ones who are open to utilizing this technology to enhance our therapy work together. I often use it in session and have my clients take readings before and after we do our own deep diaphragmatic breathing practice.

I have several clients who have started using the app on a regular, if not daily basis. It is an invaluable asset to my work and I am so appreciative.

I am grateful to Mr. Shah and Miss Mumal for all of their hard work. I also appreciate their openness and willingness to collaborate. So far, I have no complaints whatsoever about the app. I see its value and utility.


I look forward to continuing to use this technology with as many clients as I can. My deepest gratitude to all the individuals involved in creating and maintaining this app.


Awaiting approval, PsyD
United States Department of Veterans Affairs

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